Thank you for logging into the LETR SO Club portal. 

The LETR endeavours to provide support and attendance for all the requests to attend Special Olympics sporting events we receive but recognise that given time, distance, and the operational and personal commitments of our volunteers, this may not always be possible.  The greatest asset in any request for LETR attendance is time.  The more we have, the better our chances of organising attendance so please ensure requests for attendance are submitted at the earliest possible opportunity.

Before proceeding with an equipment funding request, please note the following information;

  1. The equipment nominated for purchase and funded by LETR Victoria, will remain the property of the sporting club nominated on this form and Special Olympics Victoria (SOV). It will be recorded on the SOV equipment register and must be made available to SOV, on loan, if required for a specific sporting event.
  2. Because of the strict financial reporting requirements for registered charities like the LETR, the LETR will only reimburse funds directly to recognised Special Olympics Club bank accounts. Any refund for purchases of equipment by an individual must be made by the club once LETR funding has been received.

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